The Approved Products List is published twice a year in booklet form and updated regularly here, on the web, as changes are made.

List Updated

New Information2: In addition to the new High Performance Architectural categories, there is also information on Low Odor/Low VOC categories being developed. The new gloss and sheen ranges are in place and required levels of drywall finishing are noted for each. This MPI Approved products list also lists expanded 'Detailed Performance' categories.

This Approved Products List is not unlike any "QPL" (Qualified Products List). In fact, a number of cities and other agencies are using the MPI Approved Products List as their "QPL," as do hundreds of architects, specification writers, building owners, property managers, condo councils, and government agencies.
An example of acceptance by government is the recent adoption of MPI standards by the U.S. Navy.

(UFGS) Also see the cross-reference table matching the Federal standards and the MPI Standards.

The MPI Architectural Painting Specification and Maintenance Repainting standards are presently referenced by the Dept. of Defense Unified Facilities Guide Specification, the AIA’s MasterSpec, SpecLink, GSA, the Canadian Government’s National Master Specification, and many others.

The Master Painters Institute have been qualifying products for the Approved Products List since 1967.
If you are a Coatings Manufacturer and you wish to list your products in MPI's Approved Products List, please visit our Listing Procedures page

Listing Manufacturers Uses of the Approved Products List Gloss and Sheen
(and drywall finishing levels)
Environmentally Friendly
Here's a list of quality coatings manufacturers with contact information and short descriptions. Each have one or more items on MPI's Approved Products List. The scope and validity of this list A little more about this important aspect of decorative coatings

Options are E1, E2, and E3 or blank.

E2 and E3 are generally considered "Environmentally Friendly"

GPS-1 meets the MPI Green Performance® Standard GPS-1-08

GPS-2 meets the MPI Green Performance® Standard GPS-2-08

L meets LEED (excluding LEED for Schools)

RG meets the regulatory requirements of either the OTC states (or those who have adopted similar levels of VOC) or EC (Environment Canada's VOC requirements).

Criteria for MPI Approved Product Listing

These listings meet current (i.e. to ) MPI standards for approval and listing. Information on MPI "Detailed Performance", "Evaluated Performance", and "Intended Use" product specifications are available from MPI.

MPI " Detailed Performance" and MPI "Evaluated Performance" products require the manufacturer's technical certification that the product meets either the required MPI's " Detailed Performance" definition, or the MPI "Evaluated Performance" definition. Both require verification by MPI lab tests. Continued listing is dependant upon random MPI confirmation testing.

MPI "Intended Use" products require the manufacturer's technical certification that the product meets MPI's "Intended Use" definition and requirements.

At the time of printing, all listings were certified by the manufacturer to meet or exceed MPI performance standards. Further, with this edition, where a VOC “E” number is shown, the manufacturer has certified to the VOC level. MPI reserves the right to require periodic testing of products listed under MPI ‘Detailed Performance’ categories to ensure continued compliance, and reserves the right to withdraw approval, at any time, of non-complying products. As a condition of listing, manufacturers are obliged to notify MPI of a material change in formulation that may affect product performance.


The criteria for MPI product listing approval are periodically modified to require universal performance-based standards developed by MPI (in conjunction with paint manufacturers and paint technologists) to be a benchmark, so that future MPI product approval continues to reflect only quality premium products in industry-defined categories.

MPI reserves the right, at any time, to upgrade, or otherwise modify its performance standards, which may require additional product qualification.

Generally, untinted whites and related tint bases in the same line are used for consideration for inclusion in the MPI Approved Products List. It should be noted, however, that accent bases might not provide the same durability as the whites. It is also noted that tinting can affect certain performance properties, sometimes significantly.

In addition to the new High Performance Architectural categories, there are also new Institutional Low Odor/Low VOC categories. The new MPI Gloss and Sheen standards are in place, and required levels of drywall finishing are noted for each. This MPI Approved Products List also lists expanded ‘Detailed Performance’ categories.

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