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MPI #   96      Alkyd, Quick Dry, Gloss
A quick drying, pigmented, solvent based alkyd (or modified alkyd) gloss enamel for interior and exterior primed metal surfaces. Can be used on residential, commercial, and light-to-moderate industrial exposures, including structural members, doors and doorframes and ornamental metal items. May be used on dimensionally stable wood surfaces. Application is primarily by conventional or airless spray however small areas may be coated by use of brush and/or roller.
[Characteristics reviewed include drying time and gloss levels of minimum 85 units @ 60. See MPI 'Intended Use' Specs for complete details, specific requirements, and/or reference specs.]
MPI VOC Ranges (grams/L)
E3   <401 g/l
E2   401 - 450 g/l
E1   451 - 600 g/l
E '0' - outside range, n/a - unavailable
Listing Manufacturers have not confirmed their products for this category as yet.

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